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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creativity for the home: an evocation of tibet in my bedroom...

Some years ago I bought a gorgeous book filled with high quality printed tibetan tankas with the idea to decorate my home with some of these images for a great price. (here:

And today, It's done: with some silk fabrics and ribbons from my creative closet, I got the idea to sew a fabric support (similar to those supporting real tankas ) and thought it could be a good idea to share with fans of asian decoration like me  since it's not very complicated to make.

It's meticulous and worth while beautiful silk fabrics. Colors are important: saffron, red, yellow, violet, turquoise...
The more  tibet evocative hue of color, the best it is!

The picture is not fixed but inserted in the fabric in such way  I can change the picture according to my moods...

For the first picture, I have chosen Avalokitesvara, the Lord of Compassion, named also the Lord of the 6 Syllables: "om mani padre hum". He has been gifted with thousand arms to reach and help every suffering beings!

 For astrologers, it may be a great guide since Neptune, the planet of mysticism and compassion is entering its own sign , the pisces.( Curiously , I find his body in its lower part have a shape similar to a fish ) Neptune teaches us that time has come to let go of our judgmental attitude particularly our sense of victimization.

Compassion needs primarily to be generated and directed toward ourselves before it can flourish and reach others.
With compassion, we can accept our feelings and let them go...


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